5 Ideas for Adding Security to Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

5 Ideas for Adding Security to Your Home with Outdoor Lighting | Diary of a DIYer

Having a well-lit exterior is a simple way to add security to your home. From your front porch to the back patio, providing adequate light is key to having a safe and beautiful environment.

Keep reading to learn how to add safety—and style—to your home with outdoor lighting.

Keeping it Safe: 5 Simple Bathroom Safety Tips

Bathroom Safety Tips | Diary of a DIYer

Pair water with a lot of porcelain and tile and one bathroom slip up can send you to the hospital. No matter your age or level of mobility, bathroom injuries are unavoidable. While we can’t prevent every accident, there are many additions and adjustments you can make to improve the safety of your bathroom. Keep reading to find tips on keeping your bath safe for all ages.

Modern Bathroom Trends

The bathroom is usually the most used room in the home. Unfortunately, this can mean it is often viewed strictly as a utilitarian space used to get in and get out during your morning rush to work. But lately homeowners and renters alike have been reconsidering this space and its design. Today’s bathrooms are bringing together both style and function. 

6 Ways to Brighten Your Home

Lighting, especially natural light, can make a room. However, for those of us living in northern climates where cold temperatures keep us indoors during the winter months or have homes where natural lighting is at a premium, this is easier said than done. Luckily there are a few quick and easy ways to transform a space from gloomy and uninviting to bright and cheery. 

Common Home Lighting Mistakes

Updating or remodeling your home is never an easy task. This is especially true when considering lighting layout and design. Mood and function should be major considerations when choosing lighting for a space. Here are a few things to avoid during your next home lighting project.


Updating with Bathroom Lighting

There’s something to be said about how lighting can change the look and feel of a room. This can be especially true in a bathroom. Many homeowners can become tired of their bathrooms and feel they need an expensive remodel to shake things up. But before you hit your bank account for a renovation consider installing new lighting. Properly installed and designed lighting can breathe new life into any bath.

Adding a Personal Touch

As I have mentioned in a few previous posts, my wife and I have recently moved out of our apartment and into our first home. Once the actually “moving” is done then what? Creating an inviting décor in your home is often the next step after all the furniture is moved in and your belongings are unpacked. We spent some time scouring sites like Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration and ideas on how to make our new house look like our home. With that said here are a few simple tips for adding a personal finishing touch to your space.

Vintage Light Bulbs: #Trending

Vintage lighting is becoming somewhat of a craze over the past couple years. This is especially noticeable as of late in the restaurant and bar scene. These modern reproductions of the classic Edison or antique style bulbs use an exposed filament many of which are hand-wound in such a way as to create an interesting design within the globe.