Cabinet Hardware Ideas: Using Knobs & Pulls Beyond the Kitchen

Cabinet Hardware Ideas: Using Knobs & Pulls Beyond the Kitchen | Diary of a DIYer

Do you know how many uses for cabinet knobs and pulls there are? And I mean besides being installed on your kitchen cabinets.

Different types of cabinet hardware will have different uses around the home. You’ll find that cabinet pulls work well for functional purposes while you can be more decorative with knobs.

If you happen to have extra cabinet hardware laying around, keep reading for ideas for easy DIY projects. Who knows—you might end up going to your local hardware store for supplies to tackle these projects yourself.

DIY Ideas to Make the Most of Your Kickspace

DIY Ideas to Make the Most of Your Kickspace | Diary of a DIYer

The kickspace (also referred to as the toe kick) is the recessed space beneath your base cabinets. It came about as an ergonomic solution to prevent back strain caused by leaning over the cabinets while working. The toe kick’s original function was innovative for its time, but modern home design has evolved the space into being so much more.

How to Choose New Kitchen Cabinets: A DIYer’s Guide (Part II)

How to Choose New Kitchen Cabinets: A DIYer’s Guide (Part II) | Diary of a DIYer

We’ve already gone over the types of some basic fundamentals of choosing new kitchen cabinets in part one of this series, so now let’s move on to the decorative side of choosing new kitchen cabinets.

This is where personality comes into play. Depending on your style, you can choose from hundreds of different paint or stain configurations for your cabinets. Door styles are also a factor that’ll enhance the look of your kitchen. Keep reading to learn more about personalizing your new cabinets to make your kitchen feel like home. 

How to Choose New Kitchen Cabinets: A DIYer’s Guide (Part I)

How to Choose New Kitchen Cabinets: A DIYer’s Guide (Part I) | Diary of a DIYer

Cabinets are the foundation of your kitchen. They provide the guidelines for the placement of your appliances, furniture and other décor. Proper placement will also determine your ability to productively use the space. That being said, there’s a lot that goes into deciding what kind of cabinets you’d like before making an investment.

You’ll have to consider your budget first, of course. After that you can move on to deciding the build, material and style of your new kitchen cabinets. For this post, I’m only going to cover a few basics and cabinet build type. Part two will go more in depth about the decorative side of cabinetry.

Kitchen Backsplash Storage Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash Storage Ideas

Kitchen storage can be a struggle if you have a lot to store but not a lot of space. When you run out of room in the drawers and cabinets, where do you turn? (Hint: your backsplash!) Backsplashes can be modified to have a lot more use than just protecting your walls from messes.

Now that you have an idea of what type of backsplash you’d like in your kitchen, here are some ideas to make the most out of the space.

Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash: A DIYer's Guide

Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash: A DIYer's Guide

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’re looking for a way to update your kitchen, consider installing a new backsplash. A backsplash is more than something to keep your walls clean from oil, food and other splatter—it’s a small detail that can make a kitchen look complete.

With many different materials and designs, choosing a backsplash can be a difficult choice. What’s the cost? Will it match the counters and the cabinets? How hard is it to install? Even if you aren’t sold on the idea of adding a full backsplash to your kitchen, here are some things to think about to help you make a decision.

How to Clean Your Kitchen’s Garbage Disposal

The unsung hero of the kitchen, the garbage disposal, can be overlooked and over time can develop quite the smell. From left over food to grease, your garbage disposal can accumulate food particles and rancid smells if left uncleaned. Luckily with a few minutes a week you can remedy this bad smell and keep your kitchen’s disposal smelling clean! 

Bringing Vintage Style to Your Kitchen

So you want to bring the days of old to your kitchens design, but what is vintage styling? Vintage or Retro Chic often refers to an era around the 1920’s but in some cases can refer to design aspects that are over 20 years old depending on preferences. What is so great about adding vintage accents is that it does not require a whole kitchen renovation. Here are just a few elements that can help to bring a vintage feel to your home’s kitchen.

Is Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays?

Entertaining and cooking for the holidays is never an easy task. This becomes even harder if your appliances are outdated or not working properly or you’re dealing with a cramped or awkwardly designed kitchen. After years of living with small kitchens my wife and I have come up with a few tips to ease the pain of cooking and preparing for the holidays.

Wood Flooring Types: Choosing the Right Flooring

Wood flooring can be a pricey and at times confusing endeavor if you are not familiar with the materials you are working with. My wife and I recently chose the flooring for our kitchen and dining area and had to choose between the 3 main types of wood flooring. Here is what we found out about the differences in laminate, hardwood, and engineered hardwood.