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Summertime Hygge: How to Achieve a New Kind of Cozy

Summertime Hygge: How to Achieve a New Kind of Cozy | Diary of a DIYer

Hygge is almost inescapable these days. No matter where you turn in the online décor world—from blogs to Pinterest—there are frequent mentions of this Danish term.

It’s more a state of mind than anything else—meaning, you can feel it no matter the time of year. As we work our way through spring and transition to summer warmth, here’s how to achieve a new kind of cozy in your home.

Throwback Thursday: Retro Kitchen Design Ideas

Retro Kitchen Design Ideas | Diary of a DIYer

It’s a look that’s frozen in time.

Many interior designers who create retro kitchen designs in the present day are equal parts designer and historian. Capturing the ‘50s influence is fairly simple. Finding the right pieces is the hard part.

Retro kitchens are a timeless trend. Whether you want an exact replica of 1950s kitchen aesthetics or one with a modern twist, keep reading to learn what types of accents you’ll need to design an authentic retro kitchen.

How to Create a Nursery Gallery Wall

How to Create a Nursery Gallery Wall | Diary of a DIYer

You just finished putting the crib together, and the changing table? It’s all set and ready for changing dirty diapers. Now comes the fun part: decorating the nursery. There are a lot of different ways to put the finishing touches on your baby’s nursery, whether it’s picking a paint color or choosing the comfiest chair to rock your newborn to sleep in.

Let your creativity shine by creating a gallery wall. My nephew’s nursery has different pieces displayed above his changing table, from framed prints to a small decorative mirror. It’s a simple idea that adds a personal touch to his room, but it does take a bit of preparation to gather décor and figure out the wall’s layout.

Modern Bathroom Trends

The bathroom is usually the most used room in the home. Unfortunately, this can mean it is often viewed strictly as a utilitarian space used to get in and get out during your morning rush to work. But lately homeowners and renters alike have been reconsidering this space and its design. Today’s bathrooms are bringing together both style and function.