Ideas for a DIY Closet Makeover

Ideas for a DIY Closet Makeover

Here’s a think-outside-the-box project for you: give that small, barely used coat closet a makeover. And no, not the kind of makeover that lets you better organize your outerwear—I’m talking a transformation that completely changes the closet’s function.

With a DIY spirit and a little elbow grease, spare closets can be repurposed into amazing spaces. This project is great for homeowners with limited space or those who have no current use for their closet. Keep reading to see my ideas for a DIY closet makeover. Maybe you’ll get inspired to complete your own!

6 Ways to Make Your Home Look Bigger

After years of college living and small apartments my wife and I have gotten pretty good at making our spaces seem larger than they actually are. Chances are you too have felt the need to open up a space or just make your room more in your home or apartment. Here are a few tips for making your home look larger…