A Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wall Plate

Honestly I think wall plates may be the most overlooked piece of home décor. However these plates can serve more than just covering your electrical switches and wires. Aside from simple plastic covers there is a whole gamut of colors, materials, styles and outlets to keep in mind; many of which can add a fantastic accent to your space. Hopefully this “guide” will give you some additional information in helping you choose the perfect wall plate for your next room update.

Kitchen Cabinets: Organizing the Chaos

This has always been a problem of mine…my wife and I are making dinner and I go to grab a can or spice or any food for that matter only to realize it is buried behind 15 other things or worse we don’t have it at all. I finally thought it was time to clean out and reorganize our cabinets. Not only has this made life easier when searching for food, but it saves a huge amount of time come grocery shopping each week, instead of rummaging through a pile of cans and bags of half eaten potato chips we now have an excellent system that allows us to know what we have and how much of it we need. If you are in the same boat give these tips a try the next time you go to clean your kitchen, trust me it’s worth the time.

Food for Thought: Your Next Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are no longer a single use space in your home, but now serve to entertain guest, spend time with family, and of course… cook. It is no wonder why kitchen remodels are so popular among home owners. With some many options in faucet to cabinet selection to lighting and flooring it can be overwhelming for sure. Here are a few parts of your kitchen you should consider during your next renovation.

Vintage Light Bulbs: #Trending

Vintage lighting is becoming somewhat of a craze over the past couple years. This is especially noticeable as of late in the restaurant and bar scene. These modern reproductions of the classic Edison or antique style bulbs use an exposed filament many of which are hand-wound in such a way as to create an interesting design within the globe. 

Helpful Tips to a Smooth Running Dishwasher

So you run a load of dishes only to find them foggy or still holding on to that last bit of last night’s dinner, isn’t a dishwasher supposed to make your life easier? I think it is safe to say dirty dishes and a poorly running dishwasher is nobody’s idea of a good time. This is why I have put together a few simple tips and tricks to keep your dishes clean and your dishwasher running smoothly.

The Pains of Cleaning: 10 Useful Tips for Home Cleaning

Spring may be a ways off, but even with the wintery weather it’s as good of a time as any to get started with a home deep cleaning. You know things around the house like dusting ceiling fans, cleaning cabinets and other places in the home that are often forgotten. If you are in the need for a serious cleaning, these 10 tips just might make the task a bit easier.

Light Bulbs: What Bulb is Right For You?

Gone are the days of simply grabbing a pack of light bulbs and tossing them in your cart. Today there are a plethora of different styles, wattages and hues; often times this can become quite confusing. Here are a few points to consider the next time you are looking to replace a bulb…