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Keeping it Safe: 5 Simple Bathroom Safety Tips

Bathroom Safety Tips | Diary of a DIYer

Pair water with a lot of porcelain and tile and one bathroom slip up can send you to the hospital. No matter your age or level of mobility, bathroom injuries are unavoidable. While we can’t prevent every accident, there are many additions and adjustments you can make to improve the safety of your bathroom. Keep reading to find tips on keeping your bath safe for all ages.

How to Install New Door Handles

Moving to a new home my wife and I knew there would be a few projects we would need to tackle. The first being door knobs. While the builder had installed door handles for each door, the finish was not what we had in mind. Not to mention a few of the handles were backwards or on the door the wrong way entirely…rolls eyes. Whether replacing dated hardware or just looking for a change, installing or switching up door handles can really give your door and space a great updated feel.