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What to Know About Butcher Block Countertops

What to Know About Butcher Block Countertops | Diary of a DIYer

When it comes to kitchen designs and trends, there are a few that stick out to me as styles I’d love to incorporate into my own space. One trend that’s been on my radar for a couple years now is butcher block countertops.

Butcher block countertops have been in style for quite some time (or so I’ve noticed once I started using Pinterest regularly). Butcher block is essentially pieces or strips of wood adhered together to create gorgeous slabs that can has various uses, including counters.

If you like the look of butcher block countertops but aren’t sure if they’re the right choice for your kitchen, keep reading to learn more. I’ll lay out some facts and you can (hopefully) make your decision from there.

Choosing Your Bathroom Design Style

Most bathroom remodels involve quite a bit of planning from layout to what type of fixtures will be installed. In the early stages of a bathroom remodel or even a DIY bathroom update it is important to think about the style of the space. Here are five bathroom styles that can help you decide which design is right for you.