Winter Cleaning Tips

Winter is finally upon us, and for those of us here in colder climates that can mean a bit of cabin fever. So what better time to get a jump start on your spring cleaning and start the new year off right. Plus who wants to be cleaning when the weather turns nice? Here are some awesome ideas to help get you started.

Clean Your Furnace. Oftentimes in the basement or out of sight in a utility closest, your home’s furnace may get over looked. It is important to change your furnace filter every few months to ensure it’s running at its best, especially during the chilly winter months. A new filter helps to keep your air cleaner, but can also help keep your furnace running more efficiently and save on energy costs. It is also important to keep your furnace’s exterior clean and free of dust and grime.  Wipe down once a month and keep the area around your furnace free of debris and dust.  A vacuum works great for this and keeps dust from getting trapped underneath. 

Deep Clean Your Floors. Let’s face it, salt is part of life when you live in a place that gets snow and ice. My wife and I live in Michigan and it is no different for us. Salt gets tracked in and sticks to rugs, carpet and even puts a matte covering on our hardwood floors. Take time this winter to keep your carpets and floors in great shape. Consider renting a steamer if you don’t have one and deep cleaning your home’s carpets. For those with hardwood or laminate, use a soft microfiber mop and mild hardwood cleaner to restore a great looking shine to your floors. If you are short on space to store boots and shoes and/or don’t have a garage to store them, invest in a deep shoe mat (the kind with raised edges) to keep salt and water off the floors and carpet. 

Dusting. Winter is a great time to catch up on some much needed dusting. With dry, warm air circulating in your home during the colder months dust tends to collect on anything and everything. Dust can accumulate on light fixtures, making the light look dull and dingy. Clean and dust the tops of lighting fixtures, fan blades, window and doorway molding. 

Clean Windows. Cooking, using your fireplace and day to day dust can put an unattractive film on your home’s windows. This lets in less natural light,and let’s be honest who doesn’t want more sun in the dull, dreary winter months? Give your windows a good cleaning from the inside this winter. A mixture of vinegar and water works great, plus the cooler weather will help to reduce streaking that can occur when window cleaner dries too quickly. 

Clean the Kitchen Ceiling. Not the easiest place to clean but your kitchen ceiling is usually ignored and never thought of when it comes to cleaning. Fumes from cooking, moisture and smoke can all build up on your ceiling, the same can be said for your kitchen walls. Use a small amount of mild dish soap and a bucket of water. Gently rub with a damp sponge, be careful to avoid using a lot of water as you’ll have a problem with dripping. If you notice any discoloration or streaking in the paint obviously discontinue scrubbing. 

Clean Fridge. Since you’re already cleaning the kitchen walls and ceiling, look through your refrigerator and cupboards. Over time these can become dusty and disorganized after each week’s shopping trip. Look for any expired items and clean shelves with a vinegar and water solution, perfect for using around food as it is made from natural products. This is also a good time to reorganize your fridge and give everything a place. 


My wife and I have recently started deep cleaning.  Not only has it make the house look great, but gave us a fresh start for the year ahead. Have you thoroughly cleaned your home as of late? Do you have any cleaning tips of your own? Follow me on Twitter @DiaryofaDIYer