Taming Your Kitchen: Kitchen Storage Ideas

1. Cabinet Shelf Organizer

Simple, requires no screws or remodeling, and gives you extra space in your cupboards! The mail and key organizer, napkin holder, utensils organizer and paper towel holder are all matching products if you want to go with the same look. I found these here.


2. Under-the-Sink Tension Rod

Makes finding cleaners easy and saves a ton of space! All you need is a tension rod.


3. Silverware Organizer

Skip the traditional silverware organizer and go with this. It allows to much more room for silverware, and makes sorting very easy!


4. Peg Board

Use a peg board to organize your pans and kitchen utensils for a more simplified and artsy look.


5. Slide Drawers in Pantry

Sliding drawers in a pantry make it so much easier to access and store everything.


6. Under The Sink Sliding Drawer

Genius! A great way to stay organized underneath the sink.


7. Measuring Cups

Use the inside of a cupboard for a measuring cup organizer. You just need a few hooks, but you could get fancy with a conversion chart and labels!


8. Coffee Cups

Such a cute idea! You just need some hooks and a slab of wood if you like the look.