Shopping for a Shower Curtain Rod

Shower curtains are a great way to spruce up your bathroom, but when shopping for shower curtains, people often forget to shop for shower curtain rods. Shower curtain rods are necessary to hang up your shower curtain, and are available in a variety of styles and materials. Finding the perfect rod for your bathroom depends on a number of factors.


Your shower curtain rod should complement your bathrooms décor. Consider the look of the wall coverings, colors, fixture styles and finishes in your bathroom before buying a rod. The pattern, style and material of your shower curtain also matters. Lastly, the types and colors of towels, bathmat, and rugs should play a factor in the style of your shower curtain rod.



A shower curtain rod should be strong enough to hold up a shower curtain and damp towels that are swung over the top. Most rods are either plastic or metal, but wooden shower rods are also an option. Plastic rods are very reasonably priced and come in many different colors, although they aren’t as durable as metal. Metal rods such as chrome, should match the light fixtures, faucets and towel bars in the bathroom. Wood rods could be used for a country or primitive look in the bath.


If you are looking for more room in your shower, a curved shower rod is a great option. Curved rods also keep the liner in the tub better so that water doesn’t get out onto the floor.

The double curved shower rod is a variation of the curved rod; it has a second parallel rod that allows you to hang the shower curtain liner separate from the outer curtain.

Corner shower rods and neo-angle rods are for the corner showers with one side of the shower space shorter than the other.

The D-shaped rods are for shower non-typical spaces, and ones that are not even in a corner.

Hoop rods are oval shower curtain rods that are used for a free standing or claw foot style bathtub. The rod lets the curtain and liner enclose the tub so water does not leak out into the bathroom.

Make sure to measure the area to be sure that you buy a rod that is the correct size. Most shower curtain rods are adjustable, but keep in mind: It’s pretty simple to make a large rod smaller, but very difficult to make a small rod larger. Keep in mind the material of your shower wall. If it is tile or cement, you will want a spring or tension rod that required no drilling.