Modern Bathroom Trends


The bathroom is usually the most used room in the home. Unfortunately, this can mean it is often viewed strictly as a utilitarian space used to get in and get out during your morning rush to work. But lately homeowners and renters alike have been reconsidering this space and its design. Today’s bathrooms are bringing together both style and function. 

Showers and Baths

The shower or tub is an excellent place to start your bathroom project. A large tub can give your space a luxurious feel. Today’s oversized tubs come in various shapes and sizes and can include jets, foot and head rests and lumbar supports. For those on a smaller budget or who are lacking space in their bathroom, overhead showerheads or “waterfall” showerheads can provide an instant update to your bathroom. 


Traditional porcelain tile floors, while durable, have become somewhat outdated these days. Stone and ceramic tiling are becoming the material of choice. Laminate wood flooring is also an extremely popular choice in today’s modern bath designs. If budget allows, heated floors are an excellent addition for those cold mornings because they provide radiant heat to warm the space.  


The center of almost everyone’s morning routine, the bathroom vanity, is oftentimes the easiest way to give your bathroom a makeover. These vanities and sink combos can vary from traditional to modern and everything in between. Vessel sinks are also becoming a popular choice as opposed to the standard recessed sinks found in many bathrooms. Consider adding marble or glass for an additional modern accent. A new vanity can easily change the whole tone of a space. Remember to pick a faucet that fits with the contemporary design of your vanity as well.


Mirrors are a great way to add personality to your bath. No longer are simple rectangular mirrors the standard. Mirrors now come in all shapes, sizes and frames. Look for a mosaic or mahogany frame to bring a modern feel to your vanity. Fog-free mirrors are the latest and greatest innovation. No more dealing with cloudy mirrors while getting out after a shower!


Lighting plays a huge role in setting the design, feel and overall mood of a space. Of course vanity lighting is crucial for morning routines, shaving, applying makeup, etc. But it should also be noted that recessed and/or spot lighting should be utilized to give you bath extra lighting or to emphasize certain features in your bathroom. Recessed lighting alongside vanity lighting will give your bath a much more open and airy feel. Lighting can be the perfect finishing touch to a bathroom renovation or remodel. 

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