How to Clean your Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets

    Cleaning the faucets in your home can be a challenge, but it’s something that has to be done. Faucets are often harder to clean than sinks because of their finish and awkward shape. A dull faucet, even if sanitized, appears dirty and gives the impression of an unwashed sink. When cleaning a faucet, it is important to use the proper products and techniques. Use these steps for cleaning a faucet to avoid scratches and hurting the fixture’s finish:

  1. Know Your Faucet’s Finish. Check manufacturer’s instructions for your faucet’s finish. Some finishes need special care.
  2. Father your cleaning items. You will need: Cleaning clothes, white vinegar, dish soap, a toothbrush, and baby oil (optional.)
  3. Try Basic Cleaning: Plain water, or mild dish soap and water can take care the cleaning needs for most faucet types. Make sure to dry the faucet with a dry cleaning cloth after cleaning to allow your faucet to shine. This will also prevent spotting on the faucet finish.
  4. Try a more intense cleaning. If water or dish soap aren’t enough, the next step is white vinegar. Create a mixture of half vinegar and half water and apply to a cleaning cloth. This will remove gunk, water spots and fingerprints.
  5. Clean around the edges. An old toothbrush can be a great tool to clean around the faucet and sink area. Dish soap or water should do the trick.
  6. Clean the drain portion. The drain is the part of the faucet that often needs the most cleaning. Use a nonabrasive cleaner for this step.


  1. Some faucets have a special kind of finish that is called a living finish. This faucet is meant to age and develop patina. If you clean the faucet with anything more than water, you will take off the patina.
  2. Scrub sponges, or abrasive brushes are not a good idea for most finishes.
  3. A mild glass and surface cleaner may be another option to clean your faucet.
  4. For chrome faucets, try putting a dab of baby oil on a cotton ball. Polish the faucet with the baby oil for a super shiny faucet.

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