Food for Thought: Your Next Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are no longer a single use space in your home, but now serve to entertain guest, spend time with family, and of course… cook. It is no wonder why kitchen remodels are so popular among home owners. With some many options in faucet to cabinet selection to lighting and flooring it can be overwhelming for sure. Here are a few parts of your kitchen you should consider during your next renovation.

1. Counters and Cabinets 

Let’s be honest one of the biggest fe4atures in any kitchen is its counter and cabinets. Generally speaking these are also the largest features in the space. It only makes sense that these are on the top of the list of consideration when it comes to kitchen design. Cabinets and countertops a like should be designed around efficiency, ease of use and of course aesthetics. If budget allows, custom cabinets are a fantastic investment and allow you to design your storage to fit your kitchen best.  Custom cabinets also have the added benefit of various finishes and hardware allowing for a unique kitchen decor. When we talk about countertops stone, granite and quarts are usually the go-to nowadays, but other materials such as wood and concrete are making appearances as well. Don’t be afraid to consider either of these two non-traditional counter tops options. 

2. Flooring

Kitchen flooring certainly takes a beating. Whether in the form of spills, stains, pets or kids it is important to choose a flooring that fits your lifestyle. Hardwood is generally a popular choice, however with advancements in manufactured woods and laminate and the durability of stone these options are becoming increasingly popular as they hold up well in a kitchen environment.  

3. Appliances and Fixtures

It seems like the second I buy a new piece of tech is becomes obsolete before I have even open the package…a bit of an exaggeration. But it does seem that technology advances at an extremely fast pace. This is the same for the technology within the kitchen appliance industry. When choosing a new appliance or appliances visit a retailer. Get a feel for what is out there, and what features that would work best in your home. Look for things like induction cooktops, steam assist ovens, and under counter storage and refrigeration. These features can really help bring your kitchen up to today’s standards. When you move on to choosing fixtures, think ease of use, aesthetics, and innovation. Pot filler faucets, pull down faucets, and water filtration are just a few of the hundreds of innovative designs on the market. 

4. Heart of the Home

Are you considering a simple update or a more intensive renovation? If you are thinking about the latter you’ll be able to reinvent the whole space you are working with. Dining bars and breakfast nooks are really making an appearance in the industry as of late. These are great additions to any kitchen and offer great space for entertaining and most importantly dining. These addition also work great for family breakfasts’ and/or a morning cup a coffee.  This really helps bring your kitchen to the heart of your home. If you are working with a space that is lacking in the square footage department adding additional windows can help to add extra natural lighting and help to open up the room. 

Of course this is just scratching the surface of the endless possibilities that come with a kitchen renovation. I do suggest if this is your first kitchen remodel, or you feel uneasy about doing certain aspects of the remodel on your own to talk with a professional designer or remodeler. They will be able to get you going in the right direction and finish portions of the project that may be out of the reach of the everyday DIYer.

Have you just started or recently finished your own kitchen update let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Twitter @DiaryofaDIYer