Entryway Updates: Ideas for Décor and Organization

Entryway Updates: Ideas for Décor and Organization

Entryways are frequently traveled spots in our homes, but we usually don’t spend a lot of time in them other than going in and out. Over time, they can accumulate a lot of our belongings—keys, mail, shoes, coats. Space is also a factor with entryways. Some homes have a small entry, while others have a lofty foyer. No matter the size of your entryway, here are some tips to save space and decorate with style.


Deck the Walls

If your entryway isn’t much more than a hallway, no worries. When floor space is limited, look to the walls to make the most of the area. Hang shelves and use wicker baskets to keep odds and ends out of sight. To make a hallway entryway look bigger, consider hanging a mirror. Not only will you be able to take one last look at yourself before you head out, but a mirror will also open the space up to look bigger. 

Make Smart Furniture Choices

Another key to making a hallway entryway feel open is to keep it basic. If you have enough room for furniture, opt for pieces that won’t block off valuable space. This console table from Wayfair has an open area with a low shelf for storage or decorations at the bottom. You can either leave it open with minimal décor or use baskets for another storage option. 


Easy-to-Clean Flooring

The great outdoors will inevitably find its way into your home, whether it’s water, dirt or snow. Make it easier on yourself by installing durable and easy-to-clean flooring. Think tile, natural stone or brick—they’re all stylish choices that will last for years. The right type of flooring will make your mudroom feel more sophisticated (even if it’s mainly a spot for your coats and shoes).

Functional Seating

You’ll want a spot in your mudroom where you can sit down and remove your shoes comfortably. Mudroom benches work well to fill space and often include storage. Hide your belongings in benches with hinged tops or store shoes in cubbies under the seat. 

Hanging Storage

Make your mudroom a family message center by hanging a bulletin board. Try to find one with hooks attached for added functionality. This will make the mudroom a go-to spot for keys, leashes and reminders so that you won’t forget to pick up a gallon of milk on the way home.



A spacious foyer allows you to be more creative when it comes to decorating. But sometimes, the more space you have, the harder it can be to organize. Expand on ideas from smaller entry spaces to scale them to size for an organized foyer. And since you have more room to work with, you can better showcase your personality in a foyer than a small hallway entry.

Display Your Goods

Feel free to get a bigger console table for your foyer—one with plenty of room in case you want to display a new piece of artwork or that brand new succulent you just bought. Even trays for small items like your keys would be convenient for such a high-traffic spot like your entryway.

Embellish Extravagantly

Take advantage of the space a foyer offers by adding personal touches that make the space distinctively yours. As visitors enter your home, dazzle them with an attention-grabbing chandelier. Or maybe hang pieces of artwork or family photos to create a gallery wall. Rugs can dress your entry up or give it a casual charm.

Some things to keep in mind about choosing a rug are size and pattern. You don’t want it to be so small that your guests are tripping over it. On the other hand, bigger rugs can make the entry feel more welcoming. Whatever you choose, a rug with a bold color or pattern will make a strong first impression to anyone who enters your home.


Your entryway sets the scene for the rest of your home. It can be a warm welcome or a convenient place to store your coat and shoes. Either way, aim to impress your guests and decorate with style and organization in mind. Whether your entry is spacious or scant, keep some of these best practices in mind to make the most of your space.

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