DIY Bathroom Storage

If your bathroom is anything like mine, you are on a search to find more space. With the amount of makeup, hair products, and other toiletries that I have, my bathroom is so cluttered and messy. I did some research on DIY bathroom storage ideas. These are cost effective, and pretty crafty… check them out!

Mason Jar and Hose Clamps:

This would be really cute for a more rustic looking bathroom. For a modern bathroom, just get rid of the wood!


  1. Hammer hole in center of each hose clamp backside
  2. Use a drill bit to open the hole up a little more
  3. Mark on a board where you would like each mason jar
  4. Screw them into a board and tighten a mason jar to each one.

 Sticky Hooks or PVC Pipe:

Both are so simple to hide inside a cupboard.

Wooden Barrel:

This is so crafty and even adds some rustic flare to your bath.


  1. Slice wooden barrel into four pieces
  2. Add dividers
  3. Hang

Shower Curtain Rod and Waterproof Boxes:

Perfect for the little ones toys. To use as shower caddies, just raise the bar! You can also use this to hang swim suits and towels, too.