Common Home Lighting Mistakes

Updating or remodeling your home is never an easy task. This is especially true when considering lighting layout and design. Mood and function should be major considerations when choosing lighting for a space. Here are a few things to avoid during your next home lighting project.


Natural Lighting

Natural light is a fantastic way to brighten up a space as well as make a small area seem larger. Whenever possible, it is key to take full advantage of any natural light you may have. So many times natural light is lost due to poorly placed furniture, blinds or curtains. Figure out where the most natural light is coming from in your space and use this to supplement other lighting fixtures within the home.


Recessed Everywhere

For lower ceilings, basements or to accompany other lighting fixtures, recessed lighting is a great choice. However one mistake that seems to be made is the overuse of recessed lighting. Overuse of this type of lighting can often times provide too little light. It’s important to mix the height and styles of lighting within a space.


As I briefly mentioned above, another issue I see with lighting layout is the lack of variety in the types of fixtures used in a room. The same way over using recessed lighting can lead to a static look in a space, using too much of one type of fixture or lighting at similar heights should be avoided. Consider adding a variety of lighting fixtures of different heights and placement.


So you flip your light switch and your lights pop on, hit it again and they turn off. But what if you want a little more customization? After all, when you’re sitting on the couch watching TV you don’t necessarily want to be sitting in the dark, but you probably don’t want the lights on full either. This is where dimmers can play a huge role. Not only will dimmers connect to your lights to allow more control over your home’s lighting, but they can also help change the mood of a room and lower your home’s energy cost.


Forgetting Task Lights


General lighting in your home is certainly a no brainer, what is often overlooked though is task lighting. When choosing new lighting, look at your space and how you plan to use it. If it is a kitchen, bath, or somewhere where you’ll be spending most of your time, look into task lighting. Try under cabinet lighting in the kitchen and vanity lighting for the bathroom. Other areas within your home that could benefit from task lighting are you home’s office, reading areas and workshops.

Poor Lighting Around the Vanity

Most mornings are started in front of your bathroom’s vanity. So isn’t it essential to incorporate better lighting design into this area? Overhead vanity lighting alone is not always the best option as the downward lighting can be unflattering on a lot of people. In this area of your home it is crucial to bring in several directions of task lighting. One option is to keep the overhead lighting above your vanity, but to accompany this with lighting on each side of your mirror with a pair of wall sconces. This can drastically improve the quality of light within your bathroom and is much better for shaving and applying makeup.


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