Christmas Tree Decoration Tips

The holiday season is finally upon us and with it brings holiday décor and, in particular, a Christmas tree. Whether it’s a family tradition or an annoyance that needs to be put up every year just to be knocked down again by your dog, there are a few tricks to make your tree look great each and every year. 

1. Hanging the Lights

When hanging lights on your tree you should plan on using about 3 sets of 100-light strands for each foot of your tree’s height. This can change depending on preferences, amount of ornaments and if you’re using garland. Typically people just wrap lights around the tree, but it is usually easier to think of the tree as having 3 sections and hanging lights one section at a time.

Start by plugging in your first set of lights. Remember to work from the top down and keep your plug close to the trunk as this will help keep the strands together and make them easy to plug together later. Work your lights in and around this first section of the tree, avoiding crossing cords along the way. Once you reach the end of your first string, plug the next string into the previous string of lights near the trunk of the tree. Continue until you have finish the first third of the tree.  Repeat these steps in each of the remaining sections working down the tree. 

2. Pick a Color Scheme

If you’re looking for a room that has a coordinating, unified and put together look it is important to decide on a consistent color scheme. This can be as simple as the traditional red and green, or something a bit different and modern like a blue and silve. The important thing is to incorporate this color scheme throughout the room and especially on the tree itself.

3. Ornaments

As mentioned above, color scheme is imporatant when decorating a tree to fit your home. When creating this color coordination you should look at the type and color of the ornaments you are hanging. Consider 2-3 colors that fit your scheme. Have a main, secondary and filler color to complement each other.

Now that you’ve covered color, it is time to think about placement. Most people are content with just hanging their ornaments wherever there’s space, but there is a way to give your Christmas tree a more tidy and professional look. 

Hanging ornaments collected over the years is certainly the best part of putting up and decorating a tree each and every year. Start by hanging these special ornaments evenly spaced throughout the tree. A general rule of thumb is that you will need about 20 ornaments for every 2 feet of tree. If you’re just starting out that’s okay, filler ornaments can be used to take up additional space. Remember to keep ornaments off the branch tips and hang them a bit deeper on the branch to add depth. Once the main ornaments are on your tree a mix of basic filler ornaments should be hung to avoid dead space on your tree. These are inexpensive and can be found at Walmart, Target and most other discount stores. Plan on using 10 of these ornaments for every 2 feet of your tree. As your collection grows special ornaments will eventually take up much of the space that these filler ornaments take up. 

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