Choosing Your Bathroom Design Style

Most bathroom remodels involve quite a bit of planning from layout to what type of fixtures will be installed. In the early stages of a bathroom remodel or even a DIY bathroom update it is important to think about the style of the space. Here are five bathroom styles that can help you decide which design is right for you. 



If you love minimalism and live by the motto “less is more” than a contemporary style may be just what you’re looking for. This type of design is focused around sharp lines and use of bright colors selectively. If you choose to go with a contemporary look in your bath, consider neutral or muted tones and natural tile paired with sleek fixtures in a brushed nickel, chrome or stainless finish.









Modern while similar to contemporary styling is a bit different. A modern styled bath keeps many of the sleek and clean lines of contemporary style but differs in the color palette in many cases. Bright colors complement stark white in this design. The 1950’s are often times associated with this type of styling. Large windows for natural lighting and glass accents make an appearance in modern style as opposed to natural tiling. As mentioned above sleek fixtures are also used in this design with stainless or chrome finishes.






If modern or contemporary are not quite your cup of tea, perhaps you should consider a more traditional design for you space. Borrowing from classic architectural details, natural stone and carved cabinetry as well as distressed or vintage fixtures make traditional styling warm, inviting and comfortable. Look for lighting fixtures and faucets with an oil-rubbed bronze or similar finish. Warm, rich wood cabinets and neutral walls also pair well with this design. 






If you like the idea of a modern look, but also enjoy the warm atmosphere of a more traditional bath, then a transitional style is the perfect blend. A transitional bathroom design will have clean lines, but can maintain rich cabinetry and warm colors as well. Contemporary fixtures can be paired with more classic cabinetry combining both traditional and modern styles into one design.This particular style is quite flexible. 





Sometimes you can’t decide on just one type of style or maybe you enjoy a unique blend of designs. Perhaps an eclectic style bath is the way to go. Having an eclectically styled bathroom allows you to mix different facets of many different styles, time periods and origins. Look to combine bright colors with dark accents and find unique accent pieces to reflect your own personality. 





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