Changing a Ceiling Fan Rotation for Lower Heating Cost

During the snowy, freezing winter months not many people are thinking about their ceiling fans. But did you know that by simply reversing the spin of your ceiling fan can help to cut heating cost and keep your home warmer?

Traditionally fans use angled blades in a counter clockwise spin to push air down making the room feeling cooler. However during the winter warm air will accumulate near the ceiling, you know the old rule warm air rises… Changing the rotation of your room’s fan can help to draw the colder air that has settled near the floor to be brought up to the ceiling in the process pushing warm air back down to the floor. You may be wondering how does this help to cut heating cost. Well for one, you won’t be turning that heat up because the room will feel warmer but also because most thermostats are typically located at human level. This means that the lower warm air will prevent your thermostat from kicking on the furnace and it allows you to keep it a few degrees lower.

The majority of fan models our there will have a small switch that is located somewhere on the base of the fan itself. Some may require you to remove a cover plate, but this is an easy task. It is important to remember to keep your fans on the lowest setting as to reduce the feeling of moving air in the room while still circulating the air. Vaulted ceilings benefit extremely well from the reverse rotation. Give this a try in your home this winter.