Cabinet Hardware Ideas: Using Knobs & Pulls Beyond the Kitchen

Cabinet Hardware Ideas: Using Knobs & Pulls Beyond the Kitchen | Diary of a DIYer

Do you know how many uses for cabinet knobs and pulls there are? And I mean besides being installed on your kitchen cabinets.

Different types of cabinet hardware will have different uses around the home. You’ll find that cabinet pulls work well for functional purposes while you can be more decorative with knobs.

If you happen to have extra cabinet hardware laying around, keep reading for ideas for easy DIY projects. Who knows—you might end up going to your local hardware store for supplies to tackle these projects yourself.

Mail Organizer

Instead of buying a new mail organizer, build your own using wood, a touch of paint, and sleek metallic cabinet pulls. Use varying sizes of pulls big enough to hold your mail and keys. The finished product? A bare bones mail organizer perfect for a minimalist.

Serving Tray

This DIY serving tray is probably my favorite project on this list. It’s so incredibly simple but the finished product is stunning. The ladies at A Beautiful Mess used two cabinet pulls and a wood cutting board to create a rustic yet elegant serving tray. Install the pulls as instructed and within minutes you’ll have a party-ready tray!

Clothing Rack

If your closet or laundry room are tight on space, install multiple cabinet pulls underneath the shelves to create additional hanging space. Think laundry room towel bar but on a smaller scale. You can hang laundry to air dry or get tomorrow’s outfit ready the night before so you don’t have to rush in the morning.

Chalk Holder

Got a chalkboard wall? Hang a cabinet pull cup upside down to make an easy-to-access chalk holder. It’s convenient to have the chalk hanging directly on the wall so you won’t have to chase some down when inspiration strikes.

Art Display

Another idea for cabinet hardware is to install two knobs directly into your wall (just use anchors) and hang a piece of string or twine from end to end. Use clothespins to display artwork or your kid’s finger painting. You could even attach ribbon to a frame and hang pictures in a more decorative way.


We all know the style and beauty that cabinet hardware adds to your kitchen cabinets. And as you’ve read, there are plenty of other ways to use knobs and pulls outside the kitchen, too. Using cabinet knobs and pulls in unconventional spaces allows you to get creative—the possibilities are endless.

How else would you repurpose cabinet hardware? Tell me in the comments below or reach out on Facebook!

Header photo courtesy of Baystate Kitchen Design.