Cabinet Hardware: The Finishing Touch

So you’ve just installed, updated or painted your cabinets…hardware is typically the next step for most people and can really bring together a room. Even though this is the last stage of a redesign or installation it is often very important to the overall theme or décor of the room. Not only it this important as it needs to be aesthetically pleasing, but you will most likely be in contact with these handles every day, so functionality should be a strong consideration in the process. There are numerous styles, finishes, price points and sizes to choose from. This short overview should give you a great starting point to giving those cabinets the perfect finishing touch.

Considering Cost

With a variety of styles and materials cabinet hardware can range from inexpensive plastics to dense, solid metal. Depending on the number of cabinets in your kitchen or bath this can add up in no time. Of course budget is certainly a priority, a quality cabinet pull or knob will have a better finish and a much more solid and sturdy feel. Though the upfront cost may be a bit higher I highly suggestion going with a higher quality as it will hold up better over time than a less exspensive alternative.

Choosing a Style

When the wife and I began installing out cabinet hardware one of the biggest decisions was whether to go with knobs or pulls. Generally speaking knobs are for cabinet doors and pulls are usually reserved for drawers. However pulls are being seen on all cabinets more and more these days. If you are aiming for a more modern feel for your kitchen pull are definitely the way to go. Personally I like to spend a bit more to have a higher quality hardware. I find that the finish does not wear and feels better in your hands. Being in the kitchen every day and using these handle constantly it was a no brainer. Consider size as well when picking out cabinet hardware. A larger knob may be easier to hold onto, but a smaller knob may be a style you like more. Sarah really wanted the euro style bar pulls, so we ended up going with those and they have really given our kitchen a more modern look. Our cabinets are a bit taller than most so the pulls look really nice over a smaller knob. 

“If you’re planning on replacing old cabinet hardware with new pulls or knobs, using existing drill holes is highly recommended. This will save you a lot of time during the installation.”

Select Finish

When it came to choosing a finish it was pretty easy. We simply used the color of our fixtures to match with the new hardware. Our pendants and faucet are both a Satin Nickel finish, so we matched our cabinet pulls to those. It also helped that the rest of our kitchen appliances were a stainless finish. This coordination really made a great statement in the space. That isn’t to say you cannot contrast your cabinet hardware with other finishes, it is really up to you. However I should mention that if you are working with exposed hinges you may be limited on what finishes you can use as cabinet hardware. Hinges and cabinet hardware should always match as this keep everything consistent. 

Installation Tips

If planning you’re on replacing old cabinet hardware with new pulls or knobs, using existing drill holes is highly recommended. This will save you a lot of time during the installation. Measure your current hardware mounting holes and compare with your new hardware. If the measurements do not match, you can simply add a decorative back plate to cover the unwanted holes. If you’re planning on new hardware installation, consider purchasing a hardware template, trust me this makes the whole process a lot easier!  In the end there is no “right” cabinet hardware for any one kitchen. Use your own judgement and personal style that is right for you.  


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