Adding a Personal Touch

As I have mentioned in a few previous posts, my wife and I have recently moved out of our apartment and into our first home. Once the actually “moving” is done then what? Creating an inviting décor in your home is often the next step after all the furniture is moved in and your belongings are unpacked. We spent some time scouring sites like Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration and ideas on how to make our new house look like our home. With that said here are a few simple tips for adding a personal finishing touch to your space.


To keep our pictures and other décor from looking cluttered together we tried to create focal points of 3-5 pieces. This kept décor looking “put together” while avoiding a crowded feel. As an example we used our mantel above our fireplace as a décor point for our living room. This is a great strategy as well because it makes decorating a lot easier around the holidays as we can change out groups of décor instead of moving piece by piece.

Signature Color

There’s no doubt about it color can make or break a room, but that doesn’t just mean the paint on the walls, it can be anything from curtains, pillow or centerpieces.  Sarah wanted to go with a subtle red, white and blue accent in our living room. With blue curtains, red pillows, and slight white or off white textures and shades in between. Again this is really a matter of preferences that can speak to your own style, but consider the type of mood you’re trying to create and go from there. Obviously lighter colors and creative patterns and texture will give the room a cheerful, vibrant feeling. Darker colors and more subdued, flat textures can create a more sophisticated or calming feel. 

Mixing Up Materials

Adding a variety of material and textures to your space is a fantastic way to add more depth and atmosphere, plus it can be a good way to incorporate pillows, throws and centerpieces to your room. I won’t pretend to be an expert in this area, but after spending plenty of time with Sarah at the nearest home goods looking at pillows and centerpieces I thought I was informed enough to write this article…From past experiences colorful pillows and an interesting centerpiece can add pattern and an interesting focal feature to the room, especially if you are in an apartment that will not let you paint. There are no real rules here get creative!

Plants and Flowers  

Here in the northern states the winters can get pretty monotonous at times, shorter days and colder weather can really effect a person’s mood. Consider adding colorful with plants or flowers, whether real or fake a brightly colored arrangement can really boosts a room’s appeal. Use tall vases and small arrangements to add variety and change colors by to suite the season.


You don’t need to be an art critic to add an interesting art to your room. Adding a frames piece brings instant personality to a room. Where bringing in classic black and white photographs or colorful landscapes hanging art work can make for an eye-catching feature not to mention a great talking point of a room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

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