7 Home Improvement Projects for the End of the Summer

7 Home Improvement Projects for the End of the Summer | Diary of a DIYer

Summer is soon coming to a close. It’s a sad time for some, but others (me) couldn’t be more excited to welcome back some milder weather. Maybe there were projects on your radar that didn’t get finished (or started for that matter), but what’s a better time than now to get to the grindstone?

Now that Labor Day has passed and the kids are back at school, here are 7 late-summer home improvement projects to tackle before fall hits.

Indoor Projects

1. Have someone come out and inspect your water heater. Is it over 10 years old? Most manufacturers give water heaters a 10-13 year lifespan before needing replacement. Look into getting a new one before cold weather comes and you’re left without hot water. Even if you own a newer model, routine maintenance is important to extend the life of the heater.

2. Choose a room to paint! I’m always an advocate for a fresh coat of paint, especially when you’re getting bored with the look of a room. The best part? This DIY home improvement project can be completed over the course of the weekend.

3. Don’t let a crack in your walls grow, leading to water damage or other foundation issues. Take care of any cracks in your basement—big or small—with a DIY basement wall repair kit

Outdoor Projects

4. Seal your driveway (or at least the cracks) way before the winter thaw ever gets a chance to make things worse. Not only will it prevent future damage, but it also bumps up your curb appeal. Who doesn’t love the look of a freshly sealed asphalt driveway?

5. Start preparing your lawn and garden for the fall and winter months. It’s never too early to think of how you can save your plants for the next year…which saves you some money, too.

6. Revamp your outdoor arsenal. If you need a new grill or lawn mower, late-summer is the best time to buy. Many stores are looking to clear up space for the next batch of seasonal items and will most likely offer outdoor equipment at a discounted price. Same goes for patio furniture!

7. Power wash everything. Your deck, your paver walkway, your bricks…you name it, and it could probably use a deep clean. Seeing a summer’s worth of dirt wash away can be oddly therapeutic. And if you’re feeling up to the challenge, restain your deck to make it look like brand new.


The few weeks between Labor Day and the first day of fall welcome milder weather and a slew of DIY home improvement projects to undertake. It’s the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming season and work on those projects you didn’t get around to starting during the busy days of summer. 

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