6 Tips for Decorating the Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

6 Tips for Decorating the Space Above Kitchen Cabinets | Diary of a DIYer

Decorating above kitchen cabinets is a difficult task. Empty space above your cabinets can make your kitchen look unfinished, but too much above-cabinet décor can look cluttered and messy. Here are six tips to help you strike a balance and decide how to decorate the space above your cabinets.


1. Display a Collection

Do you collect anything interesting? Put your collection out for display as above-cabinet décor. Are the holidays coming up? Use the space to show off your spooky Halloween decor or Christmas lights for an extra sparkle. When in doubt, quality dinnerware or soup tureens are even good space fillers.

2. Match Décor Themes

To keep things consistent, match your above cabinet décor with the theme of the rest of your kitchen. If you don’t have a theme, now’s a good time to decide on one – start with the small details and work your way around from there.

Say your kitchen longs for the coastline. You already have a good theme going. Decorate the space above your cabinets with elements from below. If you have items like roping or model sailboats throughout your kitchen, continue the trend above your cabinets.

3. Go Green

Add liveliness to the tip tops of your cabinets with greenery. Many see this décor option as being outdated, but there’s no harm in adding a few subtle touches of fresh plants (emphasis on fresh). For a pop of color, add flowers to the mix.

4. Maximize Storage

How could you say no to more storage? No matter the size of your kitchen, more places to keep things tucked away are always welcome. Use decorative containers with high tops to disguise whatever you’re storing. Lining the top of your cabinets with stylish baskets will create a uniform look for the space above your cabinets.

5. Avoid Clutter

You don’t want to overload the space above your kitchen cabinets, so try to avoid putting too much up there. Arrange your above-cabinet décor in clusters and every once in a while, take a step back to look at your work. See how it looks and rearrange accordingly.

6. Cover It Up

If you’re still not sold on decorating above your kitchen cabinets, take Jen from IHeart Organizing’s DIY route. She closed the space off with MDF board and crown molding. Not only will this take care of decorating above your cabinets, but it also makes them look custom-built.


Don’t rush decorating the space above your cabinets. It’s not the most important décor spot in your kitchen and your guest’s eyes probably won’t head up there first. But when you walk into a fully furnished kitchen—complete with above-cabinet décor—it’s impressive how the smallest details affect the finished product.

Find even more ideas and inspiration for decorating above your kitchen cabinets on my Pinterest board!

Header photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.