5 Ideas for Adding Security to Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

5 Ideas for Adding Security to Your Home with Outdoor Lighting | Diary of a DIYer

Having a well-lit exterior is a simple way to add security to your home. From your front porch to the back patio, providing adequate light is key to having a safe and beautiful environment. Keep reading to learn how to add safety—and style—to your home with outdoor lighting.

Develop a Lighting Plan

It’s standard for homes to come equipped with garage lights and a porch light. What’s less common is having a full-blown lighting plan implemented. Not that that’s a bad thing—you’ll get to decide where you want to add light and what types of fixtures to install. Think about the style and build of your home. You can find fitting fixtures for any home, from craftsman-style bungalows to mid-century charmers.

Buy Fixtures and Bulbs Rated for Outdoor Use

Make sure the fixtures and bulbs you buy are marked safe to be used in the outdoors. Keep an eye out for products that are suitable for wet or damp locations. Wet locations are anywhere where the fixture will be fully exposed to the elements like by the garage or in your landscaping. If the light is going under a covered porch, use a damp location-rated fixture.

Get Creative with the Landscape

All tallied up, the average cost of landscaping totals over $3,000. With thousands of dollars sunk into making your yard look great, don’t let it get brushed aside in the dark! Use small spotlights to highlight certain spots like trees or architectural details on your home. Not only will brightening up certain areas create a safer environment, but it also boosts your curb appeal.

Install Motion-Activated Floodlights

Like the name suggests, floodlights fill the surrounding area with lots of bright light to deter suspicious activity, Opt for motion-activated fixtures—they offer an added sense of security. Intruders are less likely to stick around with a spotlight on them! And with all the LED floodlight options available, these fixtures should last for years.

Consider a Timer

If your outdoor lights are hardwired to your home, use a light timer to create a schedule. That way your lights turn on and off automatically—kind of like streetlights. It also helps conserve energy when you can set your lights to turn off at sunrise.

Creating a solid outdoor lighting plan will boost your curb appeal, sure. But more importantly, your home will be safer for you and your family. Combining a smart lighting layout with security features in mind, adding safety to your home with exterior lighting is a no-brainer.

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Header photo courtesy of Wonderlane / Flickr