4 Easy DIY Party Decorations for the 4th of July

4 Easy DIY Party Decorations for the 4th of July

The essentials of Fourth of July parties are simple: barbeques, fireworks, cold drinks and great company. But if you’re hosting a Fourth of July party this year and put the decorating on the back burner, don’t worry. There are plenty of DIY party decorations out there and I’ve got four of the easiest right here.

None of these decorations take a particularly long time to complete or require a lot of materials. Some are easy enough that you can get your kids involved, too. It’s gonna be a DIY Fourth of July!

Patriotic Floral Arrangements

Head to your local nursery and buy red, white and blue flowers (bonus points if you can take them from your own garden!). Arrange them in Mason Jars as centerpieces for your tables. Choose one flower color as the base and add accents of the other two for a well-balanced arrangement. Or paint the mason jars red, white and blue and use a single color flower in each. Add ribbon and voila—you have an easy, fairly inexpensive project.

American Flag Pretzel Rods

Part decoration, part yummy treat: Everyday Savvy’s American Flag Pretzels will work double duty at this year’s 4th of July party. Grab a few Mason Jars and set them on your dessert table or guest tables, depending on how many people you’re expecting and how many pretzels you make. I can’t promise how long they’ll last with your guests, but they sure look good!

Streamer-Wrapped Tables

Add a patriotic touch to your tables with paper streamers. All you need for this project is some red, white and blue crepe paper streamer and double-sided tape – how easy is that?! Wrap the streamer around the edge of your table and secure it with tape. This should take no more than a couple minutes per table and would look great around your appetizer or dessert tables.

Painted Lawn Stars

So far I’ve covered how to decorate the tables at your 4th of July party, but what about your yard? Head to your local home improvement store and pick up spray made for construction marking, that way you won’t kill the grass you work so hard to maintain. Either buy or cut your own stencils, and you’re all set to decorate!


These ideas are simple enough that you won’t waste your whole day decorating. Take the time to prep beforehand so when the day of your party arrives, you’ll have plenty of time to kick back, entertain your guests and enjoy the fireworks. I hope you have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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